Ana-Maria Huluban was born in 1987 in Bucharest. She graduated from the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania and having a BA and MA in Fine Arts - Photography, Video and Graphic Design. She took part in various photography, video or mixed media group exhibitions, both in Romania in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest and abroad at New York, Athens, Stockholm or live online in Paris and Bruxelles. She also had several works included in INCOTRO08 Romanian Visual Survey and on the DVD with Romanian audio-video projects - AVMotional09. Ana-Maria likes to experiment with a wide range of media - photography(analog and digital), cgi, web-jing, mixed media, video and audio-video interactive installations.

Working with photography is an easy and difficult task in the same time. It is exactly the fact that is easy which makes it more difficult to employ in art projects; the democratisation of this medium made it accessible to the large public. The artist has to use it differently and try to transcend boundaries and to experiment. There are no errors, no mistakes, any visual/ photographic imagery can be used to create. I prefer working with beautiful images, or with ordinary ones, but transform them into aesthetically appealing images. As working with the immediate, physical world, I break reality into images and pick only those which suit better the concepts and visual series I develop. I like following the idea that the artist can be just like an alchemist, transforming things and maybe elevate them to a higher status or form. For me, these are the beautiful composition, the elaborate concept and the simple and well chosen visual structures. I usually try to adapt the medium to a concept, and not vice-versa, I don’t want to put any limitations to ideas, just maybe take away any unnecessary elements and polish them.


2010 – 2012 University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca
Master studies- Photography-Video-Computer-based Image Processing department
2007-2010 University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca
Faculty of Fine Arts
Photography-Video-Computer-based Image Processing department
2009-February-June:Izmir University (TR), Faculty of Fine Arts, Photography dep.(ERASMUS)
2008-September-January:Brno University (CZ), Faculty of Fine Arts, Video dep.( CEEPUS grant)
2006-2007 University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca
Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, Fashion design department


2017 "BEING MOUNTAINS, BEING SEAS" - group exhibition, Lateral ArtSpace, Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca
2016 @worlwidemarias – online Instagram group exhibition, project initiated by Maria Sundby, Norway
2015 “SOUNDS OF NOSTALGIA” – group exhibition, EBienale#3, Annart Gallery, Bucharest
2014 “TAA_2014” – group exhibition, Annart Gallery, Bucharest
2014 “PALE BLUE DOT” - group exhibition, Lateral ArtSpace, Cluj Art Weekend, Cluj-Napoca
2014 „ACOUSTIC SPACES” – sound installations group exhibition part of Fortress Hill project organised by sound artist Frank Schulte , Cetățuia, Cluj-Napoca
2014 Art Athina Platform,group exhibition Lateral ArtSpace, Athens
2014 “EVERY THING IS GOING TO BE...”group exhibition, Supermarket Stockholm Independent Art Fair
2013 GAME, group exhibition, AnnArt Gallery, EBienale, Bucharest
2013 WJ-S REMOTE performance, Maison des Cultures Saint Gilles Bruxelles, TRANSNOMADES
2013 'UNU', solo exhibition, Lateral ArtSpace, Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca,
2013 WJ-S REMOTE performance at Galerie des Ecluses, Paris
2012 WJ-S performance at Turnul Croitorilor, Cluj-Napoca
2012 photo group exhibition 'Common Endeavor', Lateral ArtSpace, Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca
2012 group exhibition ‚Am I the guardian of my brother?’ (, Bastion Gallery, Timisoara
2011 group exhibition 'EBienale la peretele alb' , AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest
2011 group exhibition EBienale, Sala Palatului, Bucharest
2011 group exhibition of photography and transphotography “Frontiera” , Art and History Museum Zalau, Ioan Sima Gallery
2011 “MIOPIE” and “TIMES” included on “Real Space vs. Virtual Space – Ways of archiving
images”, Puncte Punct Puncte No. 19 art revue DVD
2010 „Temps d’école d’images” – video group exhibition , Tailors’ Tower Cluj-Napoca
2010 “UNDE” and “MIOPIE” screened at ArcheTime New York (
2010 august Workshop “Herbologies. Foraging Networks” during ISEA2010 RUHR
2009 „MIOPIE”( included on dvd AVmotional09 Bucharest
2009 „Scara lui Ivan” and „WHY CZECH REPUBLIC?” included in Romanian art survey INCOTRO08
2008 participation in performance organized by Aram Mekhitarian-Casa Matei Gallery –Cluj-Napoca
2008 photo group exhibition „Visages” organized by the Cultural French Center Cluj-Napoca 2007 mixed-media group exhibition „Iron Irony” – Laterallia Gallery Cluj-Napoca
2007 workshop organized by Claudia Robles “Interactivity in visual arts. Max Jitter programming”