Photography means „writing with light”, and usually this writing is more or less a perfect rendering of reality on a photosensitive surface - digital or analog. Taking this „constraint” as a starting point, the artist has to refer to various technical effects in order to keep himself and the image farther from the surrounding reality. I believe technique is free of mistakes, and those random technical errors can actually create diversity and estethical images.

The works Heaven-Hell make use of wellknown technical errors – under and overexposure. Usually people get these by accident, but in these two works they have been sistematically used. Different tones and shades of light have been obtained by following a certain range of technical settings – the same aperture – f3,5 and different exposure times. The photos were created at every number divisible by 2, for example 4” , 2”, ½, ¼, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, and so on, following the available settings in the camera. Numbers divisible by 2 have been chosen not only from a technical point of view, but also from a conceptual one. The two works show the ideas of duality, contrast, an antithesis symbolized by number 2. The title which sends to the well known christian concepts are illustrated in an objective way, showing actually the concepts of Good and Bad, taking itself outside a moralizing or sacrilegious position. The images which have been obtained by the means described above are assembled in a way in which a fine gradient from white to black is created, an estethical and arresting gradient.

The underlying concept of these works is that any place in the world could be Heaven or Hell for different people or for the same person. Thus, the two works „Heaven-Hell” manage to blend the precise technique with the immovable concept and the beauty of the resulting images.


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