Having the natural environment as a central element, the project “natuRE” makes use of digital technology to overcome the ephemeral condition of organic elements while documenting some private examples of play, experimentation or simply life in nature. Each viewer can choose when and where to follow these incentives in order to relive maybe some past emotions or to experience that innate love for the natural world - biophilia - that all human beings posses.

digital and analogue photographs, prints on paper and pvc, video flipbooks, digital collages, natural elements, variable dimensions, 2015

The project “natuRE” contains diverse works and natural elements that offer the visitor a stimulus for exploring the natural world through play and experimentation.

The structures of games which imply using digital technologies are more or less predefined, while the unstructured play that you can experiment in nature offers more freedom to create and a true exploration of fundamental laws of life. Actually, the desire to live in a natural environment is a manifestation of the concept of “biophilia” - that innate affinity that people feel towards nature because they are part of it, even though they might live away from it. People tend to not see and do not understand the world as a whole, hence the need of continuously taking apart the overwhelming, vast nature in smaller pieces which are easy to understand and classify. This leads to human creations contained in closed, self-referential circuits: their parts and entire system is limited to human mental capacities.

At a steady, continuous pace, various digital technologies become obsolete and unusable, archived and filed as cultural products - representative elements of the history of humanity. Reminding oneself about past technologies might bring back strong feelings of nostalgia, especially in relationship with those specific technical details which cannot be relived and incorporated in new digital experiences.
The content and emotions which can be experienced while using technologies doesn’t have such an impact as using nature for play and experimentation. The themes and elements used in playing with nature are not perceived as being linked exclusively to a specific time and culture, thus the whole experience is one of discovering life in its broadest sense. Thus, their aesthetics is also universal: pure, beautiful images which are less altered by mental associations. Organic games have a shorter lifespan than the digital ones, but they can transcend time, having the potential to be recreated over and over again with the same or any organic element - inflicted damage upon natural environment could lead to the disappearance of some natural elements, just like with digital technologies. In the same time, spending time in nature creates the possibility of future feelings of nostalgia towards the wellbeing that was experienced, thus fuelling the desire to keep it intact or even improve it.


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