digital collage, print on polyester transparent clear film, 197 x 45 cm, 2014

The series "Present (sketches)" consists in digital photos taken with various camera phones throughout 4 years. The act of taking them was not done with a certain artistic project in mind, thus they possess a sort of spontaneity and transcience that describe them eventually as “photographic sketches”. The aesthetical emotion and trying to put the present into permanence are the underlying reasons for the creation of these images, thus they are very clearly separating themselves from the specific aesthetics of digital imagery.

These photographic sketches possess but also transcend characteristics of digital photographs: instantaneity and immateriality. Although the date on which they were taken is embedded in the digital file, these images manage to capture a continuous present, infinite with every frame. The photos are presented in a deformed chronology: time flows from left to right, photos from the same month but different years are presented vertically, like slices of time. On the horizontal plane, the images are organised in a chronological order, the transparent line in the middle suggesting the passage of time. Thus, getting outside the horizontal plane of time brings together images taken in different moments in time.

Just like with the digital images, the photographic sketches receive a shape, become visible only when they are transposed in reality with the help of printing. Due to the easy access that one can have to mobile photography, technology has made people focus more on the photographic act than the content of the resulting images. This series consists of mobile digital images which are freed from the context or the specific constraints of the online medium. The substances used for printing the work are visible, exposing the structure and the way of materialising digital images.


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