Time is an illusion; all thoughts and images about past and future arise in the present.

Through photography or other means of capturing snippets of reality we are trying to stop time, freezing short moments which turn into memories of a past present. But everything around us changes due to entropy, both man-made objects and nature. By observing entropy manifesting its natural ways we might witness at some point phenomena and events which bring beauty and diversity to the uncertainty of the world we constantly seek to control and own. Entropy cannot be stopped, time as we call it, neither, even though we get this illusion from capturing and illustrating through various media our perception of the reality around us.

In the end, 'time' is just this sequence of present moments. Despite its limitations, photography allows us to choose how to view them: one at a time/rapid succession of an ordered sequence or of a randomized series. Thus, in our mind, the arrow of time can be switched, fractured and changed. With practice one can achieve this perception of 'time' itself as continuous present, with no particular direction, escaping the dualism between the concepts of past and future.

Materials and dimensions
- A4 digital print on paper (1 of 2, the first one disappeared) - after about 1 week of being outside in nature
- 14 x digital photographs printed on A4 transparent film
- flipbook, digital print, 8x6,11 cm

Artwork process
A printed piece of paper decaying in time, superimposed on the actual place where the initial picture was taken.
Every 2-3 days a new photo is taken of the printed paper. The grass around it becomes greener as time goes by. The paper decays and the image fades away, in the same time remaining an image of the past.

Entropy is the ultimate Natural Law because it determines the flow of what we call "time". Thus, entropy deals with the very existence of the universe. The term entropy describes phenomena that have the most profound effect on all events in human existence.
Entropy describes the degradation of energy to perform work. Energy is the basic raw material that makes up the universe and all that is contained within it, including human beings. The essence of the universe is the unity of energy, time and space. The total energy content of the universe is constant and the total entropy, the non-usable energy, is constantly increasing. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can be transformed into mass, chemical energy, heat energy, latent energy and work, but it cannot be created and it cannot disappear. Energy is also in a constant, inevitable and irreversible process of becoming increasingly randomized.
The amount of energy in the universe was established at the time of the Big Bang. At that point, energy was extremely concentrated and ordered. Since then, the universe has expanded vastly and energy has become more diluted and randomized. It is inherent in the nature of the universe that this process must and will continue. If it were to stop, the universe would cease to exist.


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            print carried away by snow