Possible vs. Impossible Images | workshop 24/11/2011

organized by :
Stefan Dorel Gaina
Ph.D Prof. at University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Photograph - possible to be taken directly:

A glass cube with 2m sides, full of clear water. Inside the cube there are mirrors which reflect the surroundings and each other. The cube is placed on a frozen lake. The photo is taken from 3m height so that behind the cube there’s nothing else visible but the frozen surface of the lake.
The light is evenly distributed in space, there’s sun, but covered by fog. The cube reflects different tones of grey and blue translucent shades. The focus is on the cube, but the background is easily distinguishable, although is flat, monochromatic. The overall atmosphere is a very cold one due to the glass, the mirrors and the ice, but is also very calm and peaceful due to the beautiful light flooding the space.

Photograph - impossible to be taken directly:

A cube made of water floating above the ground, in a room with mirror walls. The water cube has irregular sides given by the water’s texture which can be seen in the slow movement of small waves. The photo is taken at the height of the middle of the cube from a 5m distance. The focus is set on the cube, but the reflections in the mirrors are still quite sharp. Given the fact that the mirrors are placed one in front of the other, they reflect each other creating an ‚infinite image’ effect. The water cube is multiplying to infinity in the mirror, up to its disappearance in the darkness of the mirror. The person and the camera which takes the photo cannot be seen reflected in any of the mirrors.
The atmosphere is very cold, metallic due to the silver mirrors and the blue color of water. This is an abstract image, simple, ‚infinite’, but at the same time ‚alive’, as it incorporates as the main element, the water, which is a source of life.