„Third nature” is an assembly of 3 different works. The title is in a very close relationship to the works, each of them illustrate one of the “three natures”.

The contemporary photographer has to try and create something more than a digital photo, and for that he/she needs craftsmanship, physical or digital, combined with conceptual thinking. There are millions of photographs taken every day, the majority of them roaming the online space of the internet, but still many of them end up printed, even showcased in galleries of all sorts. So we get to the point where the photographer has not only to change ones view regarding the process of taking photographs, but even of exhibiting and creating them. Here we are where the artist has to create and recreate the very core of photography – the print. It can be transformed either digitally, by manipulating the source image in a dedicated software, or physically by transforming the print into an elaborate art object.

+The first work represents nature. The line drawing is a fractal – the drawing which is at the core of the nature lying near and inside us.

++The second one, on the right, brings into attention human nature, the human creation which will interact with the first nature. The space of the building is taken by glass and graph paper underneath.

+++The third work which illustrates the name of the whole assembly, „Third nature”, shows the relationship man-nature in urban space. The work suggests that humans should interact with nature in a noninvasive way, but one shouldn’t isolate from nature, but instead interact in a normal and positive way, one beneficial for both sides. For example, a park is a place specially created by humans to enjoy nature. Without it in the first place, there couldn’t exist this necessary place of relaxation. The best relationship between man an nature is that in which each part gets in touch to obtain a purpose with the help of the other, but without inflicting in the other’s rules. The magnifier si placed on the work as a sign of invitation to man to explore nature while keepig distance in the same time - a magnifier ceates an illusive effect of nearness when getting near to something would be impossible or would harm the object we are getting closer to.

Nature manual transfer on wood, drawing

Nature detail

Second nature digital print, transfer on glass

Second nature detail

Third nature transfer on fabric,magnifying glass

Third nature detail

Third nature installation view

Third nature installation view