Trying to grasp more of the marks that the growing virtual world is leaving on our minds, I've noticed a great difference between "real life" and "artificial life".
Usually people find things in the virtual world that are impossible to be found in the real one. But what about vice-versa? There are plenty of things that will never exist in the computer generated virtual world, and not because it is impossible to create them, but because they are not "necessary" (metaphorically speaking, because none of the virtualy created objects are necessary in a practical way of speaking).
There are those common, little things that make the world precious and unique. They are related also to the notion of serendipidty, of the unexpected.

This is the continuation of the Topographies photo series in which I document small gestures and marks left by the human or animal presence in the urban landscape.
I have recreated three of them in a virtual environment in order to put them in contrast to the tipical computer generated urban scenery.


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