"UNU" ("ONE" in Romanian) is a 3-channel video installation which is meant to illustrate the principle of "ONE". Each of the three video channels is linked to one "part" of the observed world. In the center can be seen light effects [Will]; on the right there are images from nature [Being], and on the left are various images which show man made structures [Ego]. These last two (being, ego) are dissolving in the first one (will), revealing the dynamics of the formation of "ONE".

The viewers are invited to change the order of images, to create new combinations of the three triangle-shaped videos. Thus, the viewers get to interact with the artwork and change the visual and audio dynamics of the installation, creating new and personal versions of it.

["The Being and the Ego are the two opposing poles of the Will-generating field. From where do all of these originate, if not from Consciousness? Everything that can be acknowledged has an intelligible beginning and end, but on the other hand, little can be said about consciousness in itself, which is generated by/generating a principle."]

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