WJ-S performance held at Turnul Croitorilor in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The event is the result of a week long workshop of web-jing held by artist and media art curator Anne Roquigny during the Liquid Spaces residency programme (organised by Tincuta Heinzel from 2580 Association). www.2580association.info ¬ www.roquigny.info

A version of this performance has been held live, during the WJ-S REMOTE event, at Galerie des Ecluses, Paris in March 2013.
details : REMOTE WJ-S APERO/DEMO @ Galerie des Ecluses

In october 2013, the WJ-S programme received THE "ARTS AND NETWORK(S) AWARD 2013 @ TRANSNOMADES 2013 - 4-6 Oct. BRUSSELS (Transnomades website) . On the 6th of October I have presented again remotely, the Wj-s performance at Maison des Cultures, 120 Rue de Belgrade, Saint Gilles Bruxelles (information about the event)